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1. General Terms Of Service

SIA DIALOGIC (registration number 40103273682, address: Sauliesu 16, Tiraine, Marupes nov., LV-2167, Latvia) here and after – Vendor, online store terms of use hereafter – Terms of use, attributes to all site visitors weather they do or do not make a purchase at online store hereafter – Client.

While making a Purchase, Client has read and accepts Vendors Terms of Service.

Vendor is entitled to make changes in store Terms of use.

The relationships between Vendor and Client are governed by Latvian legislation.

All prices of Purchases on the online store are indicated in EUR currency.

2. Order Process And Payment

Client creates order by adding up Purchase to „cart” and giving their name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail and manner of payment and delivery.

Vendor approves that data given by Client is complete, data will be used only for purchase order processing and delivery, and follows all personal data requirements given by Latvian legislation.

Vendor is not responsible for Client’s given data accuracy while filling order.

Vendor does not verify buyers or owners personal data and does not take responsibility for damages that can occur while using third parties payment cards or personal data.

If order has been completed successfully, Client receives approval in their e-mail with order status and additional information. If approval e-mail does not appear in “inbox”, Client should contact Vendor.

Vendor accepts Online bank payments and Credit/Debit Card payments.

3. Shipping And Order Receipt Date

Vendor provides paid delivery to all countries in the world.

Order receipt date depends on Clients conducted payment of Purchase, on delivery region and address and on the delivery time of particular delivery service that provides exact delivery, and that is not directly dependent on Vendor.

If the ordered item is available at our storage, item will be dispatched within 1-2 working days.

If the ordered item is not available at our storage, then we will inform about the dispatch schedule.

In cases when Purchase has not been delivered to Client because of loss caused by postal service (or a courier), Vendor reimburse amount of payment for item and shipping to Client only after receiving proof of loss or compensation from postal service.

4. Order Return

You have to notify us if you want to return your order! Our e-mail:

Client has the right to decline the Purchase within 14 days time starting from the day of receiving the Purchase. Return of Purchase is feasible only in cases when appearance of item, consumer properties, items original packaging and marking has been retained and remain unused.

According to Consumer Protection Act, Vendor has the right to refuse to take back Clients Purchase if it is not returned in original packaging, packaging has been severely damaged or there has been noticeable minor usage traces.

Client has the right to refuse ordered Purchase if it has industrial defect or Purchase has changed its colour or shape after carefull washing (that has been done according to Vendors given instructions).

While returning an order the Client can exchange it for an analogue item or can get a refund the payment.

Delivery expenses are being covered by Vendor only if the Purchase has had industrial defect.

5. Intellectual Property internet site content (graphic materials, textual information, video materials, button icons, data summaries, software and its layout) is a property of Dialogic SIA. It has been protected by Latvian legislation and other international laws that relate to protection of intellectual property.

Republishing and replicating site content is allowed only for personal use.

Republishing and replicating site content for other purposes without written coordinated permits is forbidden.

6. Disputes

In case of disagreement between Vendor and Client it is being resolved through negotiations.

In case the dispute is not resolved through negotiations, it is being dealt according to Latvian legislation with the procedures established.

7. Final Provisions

Vendor is not responsible for delivery or other defaults, if any kind of superior force has occurred – omission from third parties, a nationwide state of emergency, terrorism or its threats, environmental and climate anomalies. If any of these circumstances occur, Vendor is going to prevent caused delays as soon as possible.

Questions that has not been stipulated in Vendors Terms of use are being solved according to Latvian legislation.

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